A correct application of the Employment Law is paramount for successful HR policies and turnover avoidance, as well as for alleviating the risks and costs of litigation. From high level reviews of employment contracts, compliance updates, benefits schemes to comprehensive policies and employment standards, our impeccable team can work at all corporate levels: regulatory, contracts, claims, negotiations and settlements.

In downturn times, employment matters imply an array or ancillary matters, such as immigration advisory, calculation of end of service and other statutory benefits, legality of cut offs and redundancies, as well as liaison with Governmental Bodies for employment related services.

Additionally, employment matters can trigger corporate restructuring and contingency to extrinsic variables implying change: sudden changes in regulation, availability of workforce, guaranteed wages and the likes. One of our most sought-after advice from clients is how to avoid or mitigate contractual breaches and therefore litigation. Our tailor-made answers always revolve around well drafted sets of internal procedures, balanced contracts with proper and compliant documentation attached, a sound due diligence process and, overall, a legal risk mitigation procedure in place.

Finally, our team is offering Employment legal services in onshore, offshore and UAE free zones, as well as on cross-border implications of the UAE employment regulation in general.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Contracts and HR
Drafting, preparing, advisory on Employment contracts, HR procedures, compliance
  • Contract application
Lay-offs, rescission, redundancy, end of service gratuity calculations
  • Employment restructuring
Amendments in the employment contracts, bonus agreements, incentives granted to employees, employees’ capital sharing schemes
  • Litigation advisory
Advisory on risk mitigation, court proceedings, expert reports, enforcement of court decisions and arbitral.

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At Fichte & Co, Managing Partner Jasmin Fichte leads a team that is ‘impeccable, in all areas.’ It handles an array of high-value claims for international clients and government entities.

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