Webinar: Special purpose vehicles under the New Commercial Companies Law


April 26, 2022    
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

What are these, when they are used, which are the benefits for the UAE market


Special Purpose Vehicles are unprecedented in the UAE Law. They have been recently codified under the new Commercial Companies Law, in force as of 2022. The purpose of these SPV’s is to support the larger scale mergers and acquisition markets and to provide a new income generator for the overall UAE economy. The jurisdiction hence aligns with other well known markets, by this allowing public companies more flexibility towards regulating their obligations. It is expected to see a positive impact of these developments in the stock exchanges, therefore we deem these as an important step ahead.


Tuesday 26th of April, 10.00 AM to 12 PM


Dr. Laura Voda - Of Counsel

Dr. Laura Voda, Of Counsel

Chiara De Maria

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