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Unspoken Smiles – Jalsa Initiative


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

NEST Dubai Coworking, Dubai



“Unspoken Smiles” a team of 5 young talented ladies who share the love for UAE. They are united under the umbrella of Daughters of the Emirates (E7) and A Promise of a Generations (POAG). They are volunteering yet committed to creating a social project that will raise awareness about child abuse and educate the community in the UAE about it.

They started their initiative with Daughters of Emirates (E7), which is a year-long program that brings together young women ages 18-25 to develop and implement team projects that benefit their communities. Every year, 35 participants –3 Emiratis and 2 longtime residents from each emirate– are inspired by community leaders, trained in design thinking, connected to mentors and supported with ongoing learning opportunities.

Thus, the Unspoken Smiles team was developed with members from different emirates and backgrounds, Hadaya Shirwa, Sraa Al Khalidy, Chaltham Al Hashimi, Nuru Al Mazroui, and Suaad Al Hammadi. With the main target of working towards an abuse-free society and raising awareness about child abuse across the UAE through the theme of having a jalsa that will engage youth with mentors to empower them in an easy environment open for discussion.

The Jalsa will targeting motivational speakers, experts and youth in the region. Uniting them to talk about the current efforts taken to eliminate this concern, as well as our efforts to protect our children and youth by identifying abuse and talking about it.

To attend, please RSVP: unspokensmiles@gmail.com

Online bookings are not available for this event.

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