In the modern world, cyber crimes have become a major threat to the safety and well-being of enterprises. In the UAE, where the government, commerce, entertainment, and general lifestyle have become heavily dependent on digital systems, the risk of crimes through the internet has grown exponentially.

The potential for data leaks, financial losses, and reputational damages from cyber attacks has increased drastically, making it essential for enterprises to take proactive steps to protect themselves. This is where our team of expert legal consultants at Fichte & Co can assist you by providing end-to-end cyber solutions that reduce the risks your enterprise faces.

Our experienced lawyers are your trusted allies when it comes to dealing with data breaches and ransomware attacks, as well as navigating the rapidly evolving technology, cybersecurity, and privacy landscapes. As one of the leading legal firms in the UAE, we have successfully represented clients in civil litigation concerning both data privacy and cybersecurity issues.

Our cyber & data risk mitigation team employs state-of-the-art technologies and multi-jurisdictional expertise to approach cyber risk management uniquely, providing services to organizations across a range of industries. Our extensive experience in handling a multitude of cases relating to cyber incidents such as data breaches has allowed us to provide effective solutions to protect our clients’ interests.

The Fichte & Co team guides its clients through all aspects of cybersecurity, including developing all the best procedures and policies to safeguard the business, handling the critical measures that follow breach situations, and assisting in private litigation that increasingly accompany breaches involving personal or sensitive information.
Companies are collecting increasing amounts of information monetizing it, thanks to the development of innovative mining and analytic tools. Companies need to have robust privacy programs, as not being compliant may mean an increased legal exposure that will cause major losses for the business.
Fichte & Co assists its clients with all aspects of sensitive technologies, including handling international supply chains, addressing intelligence and law enforcement investigations, and developing policies and procedures.


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