Fichte & Co advise clients on company legal matters and on adopting best practices in achieving their business objectives through a review of their board practices, corporate policies, codes of conduct and performing wider due diligence and compliance tasks, based on the strategy of the company. Furthermore, our team regularly conducts due diligence for our client’s  or their counterparties to ascertain credit risks as well as background checks from an anti-money laundering and anti-corruption perspective. Company Directors have a duty to exercise reasonable skill, care and diligence when discharging their duties. Directors are also strictly charged to exercise their powers only for a proper purpose. Companies can seek compensation from their directors if it can be proved that a director has not acted within these boundaries.

An effective corporate governance report will generally contain the following information:

  • the company, its shareholders and directors
  • restrictions and controls in the constitutional documents of the company which guide key actions and responsibilities, relative to the company strategy
  • key contracts that the company or directors have entered into, and any contractual provisions that may impose limitations
  • financial facilities used by the company or directors, and any restrictions they impose
  • details of the company’s licenses and compliance with applicable laws
  • real estate owned or leased by the company or directors
  • the quality of the company’s insurance cover
  • the company’s intellectual property rights
  • any litigation that the company is involved in, or potential litigation issues

The key tools for conducting corporate governance consultancy in the UAE include:

  • conducting KYC checks
  • reviewing publicly available information
  • and obtaining information directly/privately from the company.

As part of the corporate governance consulting process, we handhold our clients through the web of corporate regulations relevant to their business to ensure compliance at all times.

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