Closing up a sale and purchase transaction on a yacht can be strewn with difficulty. At Fichte & Co, we have years of experience and are able to assist you in all the phases of this process, minimising the risks.

Whether you are buying or selling a yacht, we can draft and arrange copies of all contracts, documents and forms for each party and maintain a complete set for records, and in addition help you making sure that:

  • Sales or use taxes have been examined to see if they apply
  • An export permit is received, if required
  • All signatures are duly notarised for filing
  • Liaise with the other party’s lawyer in reviewing and approving the documentation.

In addition, we assist sellers by making sure that:

  • The buyer has designated a person to inspect and physically accept the delivery of the vessel
  • An inventory of goods, equipment and parts to be transferred with the yacht has been reviewed by the buyer and accepted in writing.

If you’re buying a yacht instead, we assist in making sure that:

  • There is a clear title on the vessel and obtain a certificate from the authority
  • The Bill of Sale is in proper form and duly notarised
  • You have a chance to complete all inspections and accept the yacht only after this
  • All your financing arrangements (if any) are in order and funds are ready to transfer

For further information, please contact our yacht sale and purchase lawyers for professional legal advise on +971 (0)4 435 7577

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