The Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) Courts are part of the sovereign state of Dubai and began officially operating in 2006. These courts allow parties to have their disputes considered, dealt and resolved under an English language common law system, within the civil law legal system. Although the DIFC courts were initially limited to the freezone, as of 2011, they have jurisdiction to hear all local and international cases, where either parties or the contract comes within the DIFC jurisdiction or if the parties have agreed that the courts have jurisdiction over their contract and subsequently the disputes. 

The Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) Court is the first jurisdiction in the Middle East to directly apply the internationally accepted principles of English common law and boasts of a judiciary led by eminent judges from across the globe. 

As an integral part of our country’s legal system, both the  DIFC and ADGM courts have signed a Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with onshore authorities, allowing the Emirati courts to recognize and enforce judgments or arbitral awards passed in the former courts without the need for re-opening and re-examining. For that reason, it is prudent that organizations operating under the laws of these jurisdictions join hands with solicitors and law firms who have in-depth knowledge and insights to assist you in your specific cases.

Since its opening as an opt-in jurisdiction, the DIFC Courts have become an effective and integral part of litigation in the UAE and in Dubai in particular. Our solicitors in Dubai have experience and expertise practising in the DIFC Courts ever since its conception. The litigation team has long since expanded to cover such a crucial area, and has been heavily involved in its development from the inside by sitting in the DIFC Rules Sub Committee, and from the outside, by bringing to the DIFC Court of First Instance and Court of Appeal. Many landmark cases are now used by practitioners as reference, particularly in enforcement proceedings. 

Fichte & Co is one of the leading DIFC Law Firms in Dubai. Our DIFC lawyers have a thorough understanding of DIFC Court Law and practice in the English DIFC courts. On a similar path, our litigation team is closely monitoring the development of the ADGM and DIFC Courts. They are sufficiently qualified to offer legal assistance and representation in both courts.

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