Since the late 1950s, the UAE and many of its neighbours within the GCC region have been key players in the fossil fuel market. However, as society progressed and changed over the decades, the supply, and consumption of energy have become a larger challenge for every country involved in production. Apart from that, the introduction of new technologies and an ever-growing population have started to take a toll on the Energy and Infrastructure industries. For organisations to strive, grow and tackle these new-age challenges, we have a trusted team of corporate lawyers with proven expertise in the field ready to aid you in the journey forward.

Our international and local clients rely on us to provide insight and navigate the structural and legal complexities arising in the industry. As oil & gas is a huge industry in the GCC region, Fichte & Co’s expertise in the drafting, reviewing, administration, and engineering of all types of energy contracts pertaining to the sector is highly beneficial to clients. Drawing on years of experience and expertise in advising across the energy industry, our legal consultants work closely with clients from inception to the end of projects.

Fichte & Co also works closely with clients dealing with large-scale energy and infrastructure projects with a multi-disciplinary perspective. Our firm has been retained in several capacities including: providing services and advice in merger and acquisition transactions, competition and environmental matters, regulatory applications, hearings and related matters, ownership and operational issues and structuring, negotiating and preparing projects – and other industry development agreements.

  • Energy and infrastructure disputes
  • International commercial arbitration:
  • Breach of warranty
  • Indemnity claims
  • Termination
  • Price revision
  • Force majeure
  • General breach of contract
  • Investment arbitrations arising under bilateral or multilateral investment treaties
  • Public international law

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