From time to time lawyers, investors and CEOs are given responsibility for operations in the jurisdictions they are unfamiliar with. Whether they have recently joined a company with interests in a new jurisdiction, they are now overseeing an unfamiliar region or have recently gained clients with interests in such a location. The guide is considered as a well-structured reference to learn the key differences between both new and current legal systems.

“The UAE Legal Guide” book aims to provide an overview of the UAE’s legal system, main UAE laws, and the UAE courts system. It is targeting lawyers practicing or planning to practice in the UAE as well as investors and CEOs who need a basic understanding of the UAE legal system. It also provides practical guidelines from seasoned lawyers and litigators on the best practices and legal approaches in the UAE.




Jasmin Fichte, Managing Partner emphasized the importance of the “UAE Legal Guide” saying, “Our local know-how and network are both combined with our experience and professional ethos. This consistently ensures the best results for our clients. We are proud to say that Fichte & Co has been always prioritizing not only the clients’ requirements but the industry needs as well.”

Jasmin Fichte along with the litigation team members, Moaz Forawi and Shehab Mamdouh have shown great teamwork towards the contribution of the book.

The book is now available on Lexis Middle East website.

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