Fichte & Co is thrilled to announce our contribution to Enforcement of Foreign Judgement 2018.

Our Managing Partner, Jasmin Fichte and Partner, Alessandro Tricoli  have contributed to the 3rd edition of  ICLG, the International Comparative Legal Guide.

The UAE chapter consists:

  • Various regimes applicable to recognising and enforcing judgments in UAE jurisdiction and the list of countries to which such special regimes apply
  • The procedure for recognising and enforcing a foreign judgment in UAE jurisdiction
  • Special enforcement regimes applicable to judgments from certain countries
  • Enforcement and other matters

The International Comparative Legal Guide to Enforcement of Foreign Judgment: 

This guide provides corporate counsel and international practitioners with a comprehensive worldwide legal analysis of the laws and regulations relating to the enforcement of a foreign judgment.

It is divided into two main sections:

Two general chapters. These chapters are designed to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of key issues affecting the enforcement of foreign judgments, particularly from the perspective of a multi-jurisdictional transaction.

Country question and answer chapters. These provide a broad overview of common issues in the enforcement of foreign judgments in 36 jurisdictions.

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