Luna Yacht Arrested in Dubai

A London based Russian billionaire, Mr. Farkhad Akhmedov was ordered to pay £453m to his former wife Ms. Tatiana Akhmedova, following a London divorce court battle.

Mr.Akhmedov, the Oil & Gas tycoon was ordered to give his 41-year-old ex-wife 41.5% of his “staggering” wealth by a high court judge in 2016.

Ms. Akhmedov had argued she was due almost half of their £1bn fortune due to her “equal contributions to the welfare of the family” during their marriage. But hasn’t received a penny despite the court’s order.

The award made to Ms. Akhmedov, is thought to be the biggest settlement made in the world so far by a divorce court judge in England. But the battle is not over yet.

Earlier this year LUNA, the world’s second largest expedition yacht was spotted in Dubai. Upon receiving instructions from Ms. Akhmedova’s London solicitors, Fichte & Co has embarked on a precedent-setting case in Dubai which involved obtaining a freezing order from the DIFC Courts, and subsequently the successful arrest of the super yacht LUNA in Dubai, with the assistance of the Dubai Courts.

Alessandro Tricoli, Partner at Fichte & Co who supervised this matter says,

I am proud to be a part of this new achievement of the DIFC Courts. This was just the beginning. I believe my team and I will use all our strength to bring justice for Ms Akhmedova.

Walid Batisha, Head of Litigation at Fichte & Co explains,

This is a milestone in the cooperation between DIFC Courts and Dubai Courts and Dubai Courts clearly showed the efficiency of the UAE judicial system. We are ready to litigate for the vessel and we do will everything possible to obtain this enforcement.”

Jasmin Fichte, Managing Partner at Fichte & Co summarised,

” I am extremely thrilled and proud of my team members who have worked really hard on this new matter and congratulate them for this achievement.”  

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