Pursuant to Cabinet Decision no. 51 of 2019, the United Arab Emirates announced a new amended fee and fine structure where in it has cancelled the fees for 102 services and reduced the charges for other services among 110 services offered by the Ministry of Economy, including those related to intellectual property matters , as part of efforts to boost business activity in the country.

According to the amended fee structures, fee for registration and renewal of trademark or trademarks for goods, products and services have been reduced to AED 6,700 from AED 10,000, however no changes were made in the filing fee and publication fees which remain the same. Upon changes the total official fees from filing the application up to registration for one trademark in one class will be reduced from AED 12,000 to AED 8,700.

The aforementioned changes in the fee structure are yet to be officially announced by the Trademark Department of Ministry of Economy, however, the new reduced official fees for registration and renewal have been affected immediately, and they now apply on both new and pending applications.

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Neelesh Pillai

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